Who We Are

Isy Vinales

Isaihas Viñales

Isy Viñales – or let’s say it correctly: Isaihas Lihuen Pontai Munoz Viñales, is the founder of Viñales Performance. He was born in Chile but is based in Munich, Germany. Dancing means everything to him. In combination with his background as a trained psychological therapist, he wants to create a ‘safe place’ where people of all ages can learn how to dance HipHop, Streetstyle, and Contemporary. His motto: “If you can walk, you can dance.”

Laura Jane Hoffmann

Laura is the globetrotter of the team. She spends most of the year on the road with her van to discover new dance styles and spots for workshops and to interview inspiring people for  the Passion Pilot Magazine. Besides her activities as Isy’s assistant and as a fitness and dance teacher, she runs her own content marketing agency. Thus, she’s responsible for the Viñales Performance website and online shop applications. Her motto: “Never Stop Growing.”

Angelika Schultheiß

Angelika is the good soul at Viñales Performance and an organization talent. She has deep knowledge about dancing as she has been working as a dance teacher for ballroom dancing for over 30 years now. She’s also a professional translator for English and thus a huge help for international projects. You have a question? Ask Angelika. She definitely knows the answer! Her motto: “Just trust your gut feeling.”

Kassandra Pontai

Kassandra is Isy’s sister and she is addicted to dancing. She lives in Barcelona and works as a professional Flamenco and Samba teacher. For her life, dancing is not just movements but also culture and lifestyle. During lockdown, she offered live online workshops together with her brother from their hometown in Chile. We hope we will have the chance to see more from her in the future. Her motto: “Dancing is the language of love”.

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