Dance Styles

The Right Style for Every Mood, Age, and Level

Hip Hop

Old School, New Style – your style! Hip Hop lives from individuality and is more than just dancing. It’s a culture. Learn to control your body and make it do movements you didn’t believe you were capable of.

Street Style

Are you ready to dive into a world of more than 30 styles that has been developed as part of a culture over decades? Challenge yourself with choreographies that contain different styles and leave your comfort zones.


Did you know that dancing can be the key to reduce tension and to reconnect with your inner self? If not, try Contemporary dance and learn how to express emotions – in a safe place.

Female Hip Hop

Female Hip Hop is not just about “sexy” dance moves. It’s about developing self-confidence and self-love. But sure, we shake our hips and sometimes we put some heels on.


Ready for a vacation? Each Dancehall class is a vacation for your soul. Feel the rhythm and the drums routed in Africa, evolved in Jamaica and connect with them in your studio.

Hip Hop Kids

Yeah! This is our save space for your kids to develop awareness for their body while having fun. They will learn basic Hip Hop moves and dance to the latest party songs from the charts.

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