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Everyone knows the basic elements of dancing: steps, figures, technique. They are good tools to define a dance and are the basis of a common dance lesson. In the area of Hip Hop, Street Style, and Contemporary, there has not yet been a uniform structure, as these areas are difficult to classify in the usual structures. Even dance organizations have found it difficult to create a common thread for teaching in this area. But anyway. We gave a structure to it – and this is why our students learn faster and tailored to their level. All our dance classes can be divided into three phases – or in other words, three different objectives that you can focus on during the class.


No matter if you are a beginner or a professional dancer – before you can “kill the choreo” like dancers in the music videos or on youtube, it is necessary to activate your muscle memory and to learn the basic elements of the “Choreography”. What steps have to be done and when? What is an arch and which parts of the body should be tense to shift weight? And how do I do that on the right accent in the music? We guide you through this process – slowly and playfully.


Every choreography has a specific “Movement” – a certain way of dancing, technical details that are indispensable for the style or type of dance. So, in this phase we focus on the energy behind the choreography. A Dancehall choreo for example can have the same steps as a HipHop choreo, but they have to be danced completely different. Learn with us how to distinguish between the different styles and add the culture and lifestyle of them to the choreography wisely.


The “Quality” is the personality and presence of the dancer. It makes the performance unique and is the reason why people are attracted by the performance of a dancer. A blink here, a gesture there – everything that underlines your personality is welcome. Quality is the personal „fingerprint“ of a dancer. It is hiding inside but has to be awakened. We help you loosing yourself in the music and discovering what makes your dance unique – in a safe place.

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